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The Future

3rd March 2012
There is still a lot of material to add to this website:

The legendary Glastonbury 1971 tapes may not be about to be released (contractual reasons - 'the suits' as ever) but we aim to at least post reviews of the recordings with track listings. Eventually you will find these at where an alternative proof copy of a booklet intended for the 1972 triple album might also see the light of cyberday.

Transcripts of interviews made for our documentary might be published, either online or possibly in book form with the actual interviews on a series of CDs. The book idea is intriguing as we might also publish all of the telexes and letters mentioned below. Without any editorial comment just these items alone would tell 'a story' about Geronimo. Add the recently discovered adverts from underground and trade mags from the era  and the Geronimo time machine could easily take us back to that hot summer when the sun really did seem to shine all night...

 Along with a few dozen telexes (the 1970 equivalent of e-mail and SMS) we have hundreds of listeners letters to transcribe and publish:

These letters are from enthusiastic music lovers. Are we to suppose that their enthusiasm for good music died when Geronimo was silenced in 1970? Our enthusiasm hasn't. It's only radio that has died. But we are still alive, and so are many of the millions who listened keenly to Geronimo in 1970.

Finally our documentary, which won two Angel Awards at the 2010 Monaco Film Festival, was finally published at youtube in late 2011. It has generated significant interest in the film industry.  What do we do? Could YOU help finance or find backing to produce a full length feature? It's an interesting storyline: New York, Andorra, a Paris brothel, Harley Street, Monte Carlo, BBC jamming, Pan Am Airways, the heady days of the counter culture, Glastonbury 1971, Richard Branson and an embryonic Virgin, French Politics, Lundy Island... and the most important thing, the magnificent musics (sic) without the babble of a dj, but unlike todays non stop digital music radio channels, WITH enough information to let you go and seek out the bloody stuff

Standby for a 24/7 Geronimo webcast



A lot of the 'underground/progressive' music of 1970 is now mainstream music and it was also a renaissance period for Jazz. So called 'world' music wasn't even known by that label in 1970 but Geronimo may well have been the first radio station to embrace the genre. It's quite possible that a radio station playing a mix of quality music from various genres would attract discerning listeners and advertisers. It's also well documented that there was just too much good music produced towards the end of the 60's for any one person to inwardly digest! The chances are that there is still an awful lot that you and I have never heard. Even now, with a plethora of commercial radio stations, very little of today's new music is heard on the radio.


A short promo trailer for a Geronimo television documentary is available courtesy of

Europa Productions Film Trailer for Radio Geronimo Documentary v.1
This is a very high quality 4.66MB .wmv download.
It was filmed recently at the Monte Carlo (Monaco) TX site at Mont Agel, France.
You may also need the free codec to view this two minute clip.
For best results please use Windows Media Player

Europa Productions Film Trailer for Radio Geronimo Documentary v.1.2
This is a 434KB low resolution .wmv download. Slightly different to high resolution clip.




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