Three Friends - the founders of Radio Geronimo
HUGH NOLAN                     GEOFFREY BASS                        TERRY YASON

Terry yason: “geronimo was the product of a generation seeking to break down barriers
between all the arts, media and politics...

...there wouldn't have been world music without Geronimo”

Geoffrey Bass: the airwaves were made for music...

 ...the uniting, binding force of beautiful vibrations encircling the Globe and, for a time at least, engendering a profound feeling of Love and Peace


Brief History: Radio Geronimo was the brainchild of Terry Yason… with Hugh Nolan and Geoffrey Bass… they enlisted the financial help of Jimmy Miller (record producer: Traffic, Rolling Stones etc.) and Tony Secunda (music biz entrepreneur and manager of bands such as The Move)… Following test transmissions (as Radio Rupert and Radio 428) in 1969 from the Pyrenees, Radio Geronimo hired airtime in 1970 from Radio Monte Carlo. Programming consisted of jazz, folk, blues, rock, classical and world music, along with useful advice of the counter culture. Geronimo was the antithesis of DJ culture – 'joined up radio' - the music spoke a language of its own, the presenter occasionally spoke the earthy language of the street, and the listener was treated as an equal… Unlike the pirate radio stations of the 60’s this most radical of radio stations was  totally legal. It was favourably compared to BBC Radio 3 and is fondly remembered by those fortunate enough to be there… Engineering was by John Lundsten. Barry Everitt (promoter, Astoria, Borderline) was also part of the Geronimo team. Richard Branson wanted to join in but was rejected.  As Geronimo Starship they recorded the 1971 Glastonbury Fayre and released a legendary triple album on Revelation Records. Geronimo were also contracted by Pan American Airways to provide their inflight jazz entertainment.

Barry Everitt and Hugh Nolan in the Harley Street Studio



sleeps no more






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More atmospheric recordings of Geronimo shows, PLEASE! C'mon, you must have dodgy cassettes and reels full of the stuff

Original Geronimo playlists - these were occasionally mailed out to listeners

Do you have a Geronimo Poster or any recordings? Do you have any music press adverts from 1970, especially one that reads something like "Geronimo is not dead. It is only sleeping". Also, from 1969, any press clippings referring to Radio Rupert or Radio 428 broadcasting via Radio Andorra... and from 1971 or 1972, anything about Glastonbury 1971, Revelation Records and their triple vinyl Glastonbury LP - including an advert to buy via mail order. PLEASE dig out those old music mags hiding in the loft.

Also, any clippings (may only be Daily Mail and Daily Mirror) about Geronimo jamming the BBC with real jam, circa 24/25 July 1970.
There should be a (front ?) page featuring Geronimo jamming the beeb on the same day a CS gas canister was thrown in the British Houses of Parliament. Peace News also featured the BBC Jamming incident... so if you have a copy...
We need complete pages if possible, scans are fine. Thank you.

If you can help, please e-mail via CONTACT

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